Ranking as the 26th most popular website in the UK, Pinterest has suddenly risen in popularity and is catching many people’s attention. Plus, in March 2012, according to a report by Experian Hitwise, Pinterest became the 3rd largest social network in the US, just under Facebook and Twitter, making it more popular than LinkedIn!

For those of you who have not tried using it, Pinterest is a great way to save things you like online, such as recipes, holiday destinations, quotes, fashion ideas and much more! A good way to describe it is an Amazon wish list, but for everything you could ever imagine. On 10th August 2012, Pinterest opened up their site to everyone, so you can now try it out for yourself: www.pinterest.com

However, it is not only a tool to enjoy during your personal time, but also an exciting tool for business use too, with many companies already giving it a go.

Here are a few of my favourite Pinterest profiles:

So how do you build a good Pinterest profile for your company?

After creating a Pinterest account for work, here are my top 10 tips that may help you:

  1. Add your company logo as your profile image, to make your account look more official.
  2. Don’t just pin photos, but also videos too, which help to mix up your content. Infographics also work well on Pinterest.
  3. Always make sure you include a relevant description on your pin, to help with SEO.
  4. ‘Edit’ the pin, so that when a user clicks on it, it links back to your website, helping to increase traffic to your pages.
  5. You can add the price of your product into its description and a price overlay will automatically be added to your image. Your pin will also be included within Pinterests ‘gift’ section.
  6. Pinterest do not currently restrict the height of your pins, so try using some taller images, to see if these get more attention.
  7. I have already stopped following some companies who add many pins all at once, filling my entire Pinterest feed. Followers find this frustrating and so make sure you spread your pinning out throughout the day.
  8. Search for your website on Pinterest, to see if it has been ‘pinned’ by other people. You can then re-pin or ‘like’ these pins. Use the following link, replacing the last section with your companies URL: http://pinterest.com/source/elizabeth.harmon.co.uk/
  9. Monitor the success of your profile by using Pinterest analytic tools.
  10. Add ‘Pin it’ buttons to your website or blog, so that people can easily share your content.

Pinterest is a relatively new tool and so like other sites, I’m sure it will develop over time. It currently has a very sleek design and is easy to use, however, there are many things that could help to make it even more fun to use. One thing to improve the site’s functionality from a business perspective, would be to introduce private boards, allowing companies to hide boards until they are fully set up, otherwise you risk displaying something which is only half completed, which looks unprofessional. I’m therefore looking forward to seeing how the site develops and whether, like Facebook they create more functionality for business users.

What do you use Pinterest for and are there any developments you would like to see over the next few months? Have you tried it out for your business? Leave me your comments below!


Image Source: Logo and screenshot from Pinterest.


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